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Quality Management

Quality is the responsibility of every employee and must be developed and maintained to ensure a successful business venture. Beryl Rhovic Ltd is committed to a policy of continual Learning and Development and educational programs for all employees. The objective is to build meaningful and widespread employee involvement, teamwork, and personal satisfaction that result in a cooperative effort that produces a quality service or product within the framework of the competitive business market.

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Quality Management

Beryl Rhovic Ltd ’s success derives from a policy of providing superior services of unmatched value for clients the world over. It is Beryl Rhovic Ltd ’s Quality Policy to:


The management of the Beryl Rhovic Ltd is committed to the protection of the health and safety of our employees, our customer’s employees, and the general public. We believe that incidents and injuries are preventable, and that a job is only well done if it is done safely. We have documented Health, Safety and Environmental policies in place, and have a Safety Management System in operation, which is in accordance with the labor laws of the countries in which we operate. In addition, Beryl Rhovic Ltd engages external HSE auditors to perform external safety audits on our operation to ensure that our processes are in keeping with our procedures and the applicable legislation

  • Prevent workplace incidents and injuries
  • Continually improve our health and safety performance
  • Have the best safety performance in the Marine Agency industry
  • Foster a culture in which all employees, partners, contractors and subcontractors share this commitment to health and safety and the environment
  • Always manage our operations in the safest manner, by recognizing and assessing hazards and applying effective controls
  • Make safe conduct a condition of employment
  • Always comply with health and safety legislation and guidelines
  • Ensure our managers and supervisors provide the tools, supervision, Learning and Development and resources needed for our employees to work safely
  • Ensure our employees and others on Red Transport work-sites work safely
  • Involve all employees in our health and safety management system
  • Review our health and safety performance regularly, evaluate performance information and communicate performance to all employees.
  • Learn from our experiences to prevent future incidents
  • Ensure that our formalized health and safety management system remains current with industry best practices

Our goal is to conduct our business in a way that protects the environment. Everyone who works for Beryl Rhovic Ltd has a responsibility to give their best efforts to achieve this goal. We are committed to do this through our policy principles. Consequently, Beryl Rhovic Ltd plans and conducts their operations, according to sound environmental principles. They are to strive always to carry out work in the manner best calculated to minimize any adverse environmental effect, to prevent pollution of any kind, and are actively to seek ways of reducing environmental damage. Where our operations, our conduct or our existence is subject to specific laws or regulations, our company will comply fully with all such applicable laws and regulations, and if possible will exceed the minimum requirements because this is good business practice. Special attention will be paid to ensure compliance with international conventions and regulations which apply to offshore and oil & gas operations.

At Beryl Rhovic Ltd we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations.
To achieve our objective, Beryl Rhovic Ltd employees will in their daily operations:
To achieve our objective, Beryl Rhovic Ltd employees will in their daily operations:

  • Ensure compliance with all environmental regulations
  • Promote efficiency and reduce waste across the organization
  • Ensure that environmental awareness is included into its business planning, process improvement and operational disciplines
  • Provide accurate reporting to the authorities, the community, our shareholders and employees regarding our environmental performance
  • Invest, wherever appropriate, in an asset base and the systems and processes which reduce energy consumption and minimize carbon emissions

The Beryl Rhovic Ltd is committed to acting as a socially responsible company in those regions where our company and staff are operating. This means that we will go further by continually evaluating our business practices using the principle of sustainability. At the heart of sustainability lies the desire to maintain a balance between the economic, environmental and social needs of our world today without compromising the opportunities of future generations. We want our to always be associated with a respect for human rights, safe work conditions, and environmentally sound business practices, for our own organization and those with whom we partner.

We strive to understand and respect the cultural values wherever we operate. In many countries and regions where our company is active – we prefer to employ local and native employees, and as a result, in many locations our company is recognized as an indigenous business entity. Our employees and

management communicate extensively with the communities in whose areas we operate. This is a responsibility we take seriously and it equally provides us with an opportunity to be a positive force for local good. In all our operations – often in hostile and challenging environments – we aim, wherever possible, to use our core competencies to help tackle local community issues where we can make a positive difference.


A critical success factor for the Beryl Rhovic Ltd has been effective cross-cultural communication and collaboration. We recognize that as our client’s chosen Maritime Logistics and Vessel support management and Agency partner we must ensure that outstanding results are
consistently achieved through the cross-culture flow of best practices, knowledge, learning and expertise. Our offices are consistent in offering principal dedication to outstanding customer service, at a very professional level.


With a indelible footprint in Nigeria, our company is poised to always strive to provide a competitive, but at the same time safe and professional environment for our local and expatriate employees. With a large number of nationalities represented within our company, and a workforce that holds a fair share of female employees, we foster diversity, and recognize that our people are our most valued assets.


Many of our offices, around the world, lie in areas of highly distinct national and regional cultures. As well as different languages, there are also clear differences in strategic and operational business practices across Nigeria, which is where a large part of our business is transacted. There is one common denominator that binds all our offices together, and that is the well communicated management directives (including our code of conduct) and coordination of our activities through Beryl Rhovic Ltd’s global sales and operations office.



Everyone has an OBLIGATION to report all Near Misses
It is our policy and expectation that all Near Misses will be reported immediately. All Near Misses are investigated by the Safety Department and a risk assessment is conducted in order to mitigate any future reoccurrence. Significant Near Misses are shared with all crew by a Safety Alert. Captains share learnings with crew members during the safety stand down in order to prevent the incident from occurring on their vessel.

BRL had expanded Near Miss reporting and encouraged more participation by giving away an embroidered BRL jacket each quarter for the best Near Miss. In less than a year Near Miss reporting increased 357 percent compared to the previous year. BRL will continue giving away the jackets and has a goal of increasing Near Miss reporting by another 10 percent.

J.S.A. Time Out and Stop Work Authority Permit to Work Star Card

The Job Safety Analysis planning tool is a simple, organized approach to:

  • Identify and discuss the job ahead; break it down into manageable steps; thoroughly identify the risks.
  • Identify and discuss the hazards for each step; focus on the steps most likely to do us harm.
  • Identify and discuss ways to manage the hazard with the most desirable precaution being complete elimination the hazard.

Time-Out empowers any person with the authority and responsibility to stop a job when any hazard is identified. Should any person on board our facility, perceive that a situation may be unsafe or otherwise hazardous in any way, that person is responsible for calling a Time-Out to interrupt the work process. Activity shall recommence only when a plan is implemented to mitigate the hazard.
The purpose of the Permit to Work is to ensure compliance with mandatory controls when performing potentially hazardous and high-risk work. The permit authorizes and highlights that appropriate health, safety, quality, operational, training, emergency response, environmental procedures and equipment are used. A written permit is prepared, discussed and approved by the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) and the process is monitored and managed until the permitted work is properly completed.
Treat your People well and everything else will fall into place

PEOPLE First = Satisfied Customers = Rewarded Shareholders